3DFY Labs

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About Us

Why 3DFY Labs

We specialize in being a quick digital manufacturing source for rapid prototypes and on-demand production parts. Our quick quoting turnarounds and highest quality manufacturing machines, allow us to produce commercial-grade plastic, nylon, and carbon fiber infused parts within days. The result? A manufacturing partner that helps you reduce time to market and strategically manage demand volatility with our on-demand production runs.

Design Better Parts

Partner with us and you’ll have access to our experts who can discuss design challenges and offer support to guide you through your design process or you can hand it all over to us and we can bring your vision to life ourselves.

Reduce Risk

Reduce upfront risk and costs by not buying any tooling or expensive molds at all. Save tens of thousands by simply confirming your design with our rapid prototyping roadmap and reiterate as needed without worrying about modifying tooling. When you’ve got your final product in hand, you can decide whether traditional manufacturing (injection molding) or on demand production are the right fit for your company.

Our vision is to accelerate innovation through state-of-the-art rapid prototyping and production capabilities. Our mission is to empower companies to bring their ideas to market quicker and more cost effectively through our quick manufacturing capabilities.

Our Technology

We have an array of industrial 3d printers and a custom-built large format 3d printer specifically designed and built for 3DFY Labs that isn’t available anywhere else. They allow us to achieve a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.005mm. Our machines have been fine tuned for prototyping and production runs with our highest priorities being quality and precision.