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Most frequent questions and answers

Simply email us using our contact form and attach your file for a quick and easy quote.

Our minimum order is based on dollar value not parts, and it is only $25.00. So wether you want one custom part, or 1000, we’ve got your covered.

We work with individuals and organizations in Aerospace, Engineering, Medicine, Film and TV, Product Design, Manufacturing, Automotive, and many others. That being said, anyone can contact us to print with us!

All parts are manufactured in North America at our manufacturing facilities located on the west coast.

Price calculations for 3D printed parts depend on a number of factors. A significant portion of the cost for parts is based upon run time, bounding box & which printer the part is run on. Typically larger parts above 16 inches have slightly higher run time costs associated. To a lesser extent, the price is also based upon support and build orientation with the third factor being complexity and cleaning time.

Our average lead times are 3 – 5 business days.

We offer a mutual NDA that can be signed by both parties. If you would like us to sign an NDA provided to us, we will need to review it first, which can take several days.

We accept most standard 3d model file types – STL, STEP, OBJ, 3MF

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